Cooktop Repairs Gold Coast

Cooktop Repairs Gold Coast

Cooktop repairs Gold Coast. Many clients become confused with theCooktop Repairs difference between cooktops, stoves and ovens. A cooktop is the hotplates that you cook on with a frying pan or saucepan. Our service vehicles have spare parts that repair the most common breakdowns.

Common cooktop faults

Cannot regulate heat – Often on a cooktop breakdown an element either can’t be turned off or cannot be turned down. This is due to a faulty switch. If you are faced with this problem and you cannot turn off the element and our office is closed, turn off the stove in your meter box until we can attend to the problem.

Water boils over into switches and explodes – Switch off the cooktop in the meter box and call us to attend to the problem. Leaving the cooktop on can lead to a serious risk of fire or other electrical problems.

Glass explodes on cooktop – Temperature and pressure changes can lead to glass on cooktops to crack or explode. These days it can often be cheaper to replace the cooktop rather than replacing the glass. Contact us to evaluate the situation. We offer both services of either replacement or repair of the cooktop.

CooktopElement blown or rusted – When one of the hotplates stop working it is regularly one the elements that has blown. On the solid hotplates they often rust in the salty Gold Coast environment, these elements can be replaced but many clients request that we install a new cooktop because the is not much of a price difference between repair and a new ceramic cooktop.

Burning smell – Bad connections cause wires to burn in the cooktop. To be on the safe side, turn off the cooktop in the meter box until one of our technicians can call to your property.

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Oven Repairs Gold Coast

Oven Repairs Gold Coast

Oven Repairs Gold Coast. Have your oven problems addressed by one of our licensed electricians quickly and professionally. Whether you have an under bench oven or a wall oven our service vehicles carry a range of parts to solve your oven worries.

Service AreasOven Repairs

Suburbs surrounding our workshop at Arundel – like Parkwood, Runaway Bay, Labrador, Biggera Waters, Helensvale and Crestwood Heights can normally have a repairman attend to their oven the same day or next business day. Other suburbs from Upper Coomera to Varsity Lakes will be 1-2 business days depending on booking volumes.

Brands Serviced

Not sure if your oven is worth repair?

Have it checked first by one of our technicians, if worse comes to worse and the parts are no longer available or it is not worth repair we can advise you on the best course of action. Our tradesmen have many years of experience updating kitchens to new ovens without needing to go to the expense of replacing your entire kitchen.

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Washing Machine Repairs Gold Coast

Washing Machine Repairs Gold Coast

Apart from a fridge or hot water system the washing machine would be the next most relied on appliance. I mean, who wants to go down to the nearest creek with a rock or wash board.

Most families wash every second day if not every day, when a washing machine breaks down it creates absolute chaos. At Appliance Repairs Gold Coast we carry a large range of common washing machine parts to get your washer going as fast as possible.


Washing MachineOne of the common concerns our clients have is if we do not carry the part their washing machine needs they will be charged a second service call fee to come back and fit the spare part. This is one less stress you need not worry about, you are only charged for the initial call out, if the repair is going to take excessive time you will only be charged a minimal labour charge.

More major repairs to your washing machine will be estimated or quoted before we proceed with repairs.

Gold Coast washing machine repairs carry out service on all the leading washing machines such as –

  • Hoover
  • Simpson
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Kleenmaid
  • Westinghouse
  • Whirlpool
  • Kelvinator
  • Electrolux
  • Samsung
  • LG

Suburbs that are closer to our workshop at Arundel are serviced daily, but suburbs such as Broadbeach and Coomera Waters are attended to once or twice a week.

If you are certain of the part required to get your washing machine up and running again please advise us of the part number or model when you book the service call. Often when clients self diagnose their appliances the diagnosis ends up being nothing like what the machine needs, especially when it comes to computerized washing machines.

Errors that people often think are computer faults end up being pump blockages, faulty lid or door locks, sensors, blown fuses, switches and broken water valves.

The bottom line is that it is best to let an expert diagnose your machine before ordering any parts. Most appliance spare parts suppliers will charge you a restocking fee of around 20% to return any spare parts that are not needed. This is providing that they even accept the part back at all, any spare parts, especially computer boards that look as though they have been fitted will not be accepted back for credit.

Washing Machine FixedOur experienced staff can offer suggestions as to how much it will cost to repair your washing machine before you book an appointment. Of course we can not tell over the phone or an email what is wrong with the washing machine but common faults can often be estimated by giving a good description of the symptoms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if it takes longer than 20 minutes to fix my appliance?

A: Probably about 80% of repairs are completed within half an hour however if your fault is more complicated you will be informed that it will exceed the standard call out during diagnosis of the appliance. Once the call out exceeds 20 minutes you are charged a minimal rate per quarter hour.

Q: Am I charged a second call out if you do not have the part needed to fix my appliance and have to come back?

A: No. You are only charged for the initial call out and if we have to come back to fit a part you are just charged for the part and possibly additional labour.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: To offer quicker service we concentrate our service area close to our workshop. The workshop is at Arundel near Harbourtown, and we service from Sanctuary Cove to Broadbeach and west to Nerang and Upper Coomera. About once per week we may call outside these zones depending on booking volumes and demand.

Q: I work in an office and cannot get home during the day, how can I have my appliance serviced?

A: We have limited appointments available out of normal working hours. Please advise the receptionist if you need a callout outside of 9 AM to 5 PM.

Q: I may not have the cash on me for the repairs when the technician calls out, how can I pay?

A: The technician can accept cash, cheque, and has an EFTPOS machine for card payments or you can do a immediate bank transfer.

Q: What cards do you accept?

A: Visa Card, Mastercard and American Express as well as the debit cards.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: The warranty on spares vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and is from 3 months to 12 months. We will provide warranty for parts and labour for the period the manufacturer provides us with however if your machine fails outside the warranty due to a defective part or poor workmanship we may still cover it under warranty.

Computer boards are generally not covered for more than 3 months due to the sensitive nature of the boards. Lightning strikes, power surges and failing components can all destroy computer boards and are not considered a manufacturing defect.

Q: What brands do you service?

A: All the leading brands such as Hoover, Simpson, Fisher & Paykel, Dishlex, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Kleenmaid and LG. Due to the increasing number of manufacturers there are other brands we service so mention the brand and suburb you live in when you first place the call.

Appliance Repairs Gold Coast

Appliance Repairs Gold Coast

All of us tend to take appliances for granted, but at some point it breaks down and then we realise how much we rely on it. When your appliance does break down you can bet it will be at the most inconvenient time, at this stressful time you need to find a technician you can trust.

A company you can trust

Our family appliance repair business prides itself on giving our clients an honest appraisal of their machine. You have the security of a company that has been servicing Gold Coast appliances since 1987 and our technicians are fully licensed and insured.

Appliance Repairs Gold CoastIf you live in our service area you can expect your appliance to be attended to the next business day on average, depending on booking volume this time can vary from same day to three days. You will be notified of the wait time when you contact us.

You can relax while the technician repairs your machine because you are not charged by the minute, our very affordable service call includes a generous twenty minutes labour. Many repairs are completed within half hour. If the job is going to take longer to complete you will be informed once the appliance has been diagnosed.

Our Services

We repair all of the popular brands, a list of these are provided on the right and the service vehicles carry a large array of common parts to suit these brands, this reduces the need for ordering spare parts.

If you live in one of our rapid service suburbs every attempt is made to call out the same day, of course this depends on booking volumes and technicians locations. Some of the
rapid service suburbs include –Washing Machine Repairs Gold Coast

  • Labrador
  • Arundel
  • Parkwood
  • Runaway Bay
  • Helensvale
  • Pacific Pines
  • and more…

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