Kleenmaid Appliance Repairs Gold Coast

Kleenmaid Repairs and Parts Gold Coast

Since Kleenmaid went into bankruptcy people feared that you could not get spare parts or service.Kleenmaid Appliance Repairs Gold Coast

In fact there are several companies that have taken over various segments of the original company. You can now buy new Kleenmaid appliances and the genuine spare parts to keep your older machine going.

The only segment of the original company that was not taken over is the warranty. Therefore all original warranties and extended warranties were voided when the company went under.

We do not repair the gas appliances, we do however repair the electric appliances and the electric ovens on gas stoves.

Of the large range of products sold we service the following appliances –

  • Electric cooktop
  • Amana fridge
  • General Electric/GE fridge
  • Electric Oven
  • Washing machine
  • Clothes dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Microwave Oven
  • Rangehood

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Cooktop Repairs Gold Coast

Cooktop Repairs Gold Coast

Cooktop repairs Gold Coast. Many clients become confused with theCooktop Repairs difference between cooktops, stoves and ovens. A cooktop is the hotplates that you cook on with a frying pan or saucepan. Our service vehicles have spare parts that repair the most common breakdowns.

Common cooktop faults

Cannot regulate heat – Often on a cooktop breakdown an element either can’t be turned off or cannot be turned down. This is due to a faulty switch. If you are faced with this problem and you cannot turn off the element and our office is closed, turn off the stove in your meter box until we can attend to the problem.

Water boils over into switches and explodes – Switch off the cooktop in the meter box and call us to attend to the problem. Leaving the cooktop on can lead to a serious risk of fire or other electrical problems.

Glass explodes on cooktop – Temperature and pressure changes can lead to glass on cooktops to crack or explode. These days it can often be cheaper to replace the cooktop rather than replacing the glass. Contact us to evaluate the situation. We offer both services of either replacement or repair of the cooktop.

CooktopElement blown or rusted – When one of the hotplates stop working it is regularly one the elements that has blown. On the solid hotplates they often rust in the salty Gold Coast environment, these elements can be replaced but many clients request that we install a new cooktop because the is not much of a price difference between repair and a new ceramic cooktop.

Burning smell – Bad connections cause wires to burn in the cooktop. To be on the safe side, turn off the cooktop in the meter box until one of our technicians can call to your property.

Have a licensed electrician attend to your cooktop
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Oven Repairs Gold Coast

Oven Repairs Gold Coast

Oven Repairs Gold Coast. Have your oven problems addressed by one of our licensed electricians quickly and professionally. Whether you have an under bench oven or a wall oven our service vehicles carry a range of parts to solve your oven worries.

Service AreasOven Repairs

Suburbs surrounding our workshop at Arundel – like Parkwood, Runaway Bay, Labrador, Biggera Waters, Helensvale and Crestwood Heights can normally have a repairman attend to their oven the same day or next business day. Other suburbs from Upper Coomera to Varsity Lakes will be 1-2 business days depending on booking volumes.

Brands Serviced

Not sure if your oven is worth repair?

Have it checked first by one of our technicians, if worse comes to worse and the parts are no longer available or it is not worth repair we can advise you on the best course of action. Our tradesmen have many years of experience updating kitchens to new ovens without needing to go to the expense of replacing your entire kitchen.

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Stove Repairs Gold Coast

Stove Repairs Gold Coast

Stoves are an all in one appliance that have and oven, grill and cooktop usually in an upright unit. Occasionally our clients have what is called an elevated range which is an appliance that has the cooktop beside the oven and sits on a bench.electric stove repairs

Our vans carry a large array of parts that fix common stove problems. Some of these problems are faulty switches and thermostats, blown elements, burnt wires, worn hinges, broken door seals and burnt out fan motors.

What stoves we repair

green-tickElectric stoves

green-tickElectric elevated ranges

green-tickElectric oven on gas stove

What stoves we don’t repair

red-crossGas stoves

red-crossGas ovens on gas stoves

red-crossElectric ignition systems on gas stoves

Not sure if your stove is worth repair?

Have us check your stove, if you decide it is not worth repair the cost of the service call is included in us installing a new stove for you. We can advise you on what brands may be suitable for your situation.

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Clothes Dryer Repairs Gold Coast

Clothes Dryer Repairs Gold Coast

Apartment living, long periods of cold or wet weather on the Gold Coast make dryers almost a necessity of life. If you are experiencing trouble with you dryer our qualified technicians can call to your house to repair your broken dryer.

Our vans are stocked with common spare parts to get your clothes dryer up and running again as soon as possible.

Leading brands of dryer serviced-Clothes Dryer Repair

  • Electrolux
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Hoover
  • Kelvinator
  • LG
  • Simpson
  • Westinghouse

Handy tips for your clothes dryer

Clean the lint filter after every load. Even though these instructions are on the front of many dryers and in the user manuals many people fail to follow these directions. Not cleaning the filter can present a serious fire hazard.

Use in a well ventilated area. Running the dryer in a cupboard or small room that is closed will cause the dryer to run inefficiently or overheat. The clothes will not dry if there is not good air flow through the machine.

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